At PE we are building applications where financial decisions are data driven, adaptive and domain focused. We Use AI/ML to uncover hidden patterns from big data from across industries, enabling business and better quality of life.

Uncovering the hidden

AI is used to find pattern and correlation which hide deep within Big Data.

Ever Adapting

Our AI system is designed to pick the best response from millions of possible options in a given scenario. These scenarios can be as diverse as capital markets to healthcare.


Our platform is as good as the predictions we make. We constantly benchmark ourselves to stay ahead of the market.

Constantly learning

The world is a dynamic environment; so why do analytics on static data? We use algorithms which constantly learn from new information enhancing their ability to better predict the future.



The founders of Pattern Effects Labs are a rare blend of finance technology veterans and successful digital entrepreneurs with a strong background in management, computer science and applied mathematics.

They have worked together as a team for more than 15 years, with past experiences at Consulting, finance, technology and leadership roles at global consulting and software firms.


PE is unlike anything you’d expect. We love challenges and every day presents us with new and interesting one to solve. We collaborate to craft solutions and find the answers that will lead us, and the industry, to better results.

Data Scientist

Candidate should be able to analyse data and discover information, with high level inputs from the functional team. Understanding of data mining techniques and statistical analysis is important.

2 Years experience Bengaluru

Machine Learning Analyst

Looking for machine learning and data enthusiast. Candidate should be passionate to use various ML algorithms to solve the problem. Good understanding of RF, SVM, ANN, Boosting is mandatory.

2 Years experience Bengaluru

Full Stack Developer

The primary responsibility of the position will be developing front and back end solutions for our Python Core application. However, the position will also be responsible for the hosting management of the Azure cloud platform.

2 Years experience Bengaluru

Python Developer

Primary responsibility is to develop back end solutions for our Python Core application and building RESTful API. Knowledge of Angular 2, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS is desired.

2 Years experience Bengaluru

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